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It started as a small company working out of a garage, but Bruce Goldsmith Design is now a leading manufacturer of quality paragliders and paragliding related equipment. Inspired and driven by Bruce, the R&D department is based in the south of France where the sun always shines; distribution is in Austria, and the factory is in Sri Lanka.


Magic Motor is EN-A and DGAC certified for free-flight and paramotoring. A low-stress wing it’s simple to launch and very roll stable. Its intuitive handling, fun-factor and performance mean it’s ready when you are to expand your boundaries, head off cross-country and explore the world. This glider is a perfect for schools and beginners, but still lots of fun for experienced pilots





The LUNA 2 is a versatile reflex wing, specifically designed for paramotoring. It offers the perfect blend of comfort and safety, married with performance and speed. It's the ideal choice for intermediate pilots to seasoned competitors and BGD Team pilot Benedikt Bös won the British Paramotor Open Championship in both 2019 and 2020 on a LUNA 2.


EPIC MOTOR is the most versatile wing truly multi-purpose. Whether free flying or buzzing around, the EPIC MOTOR will take you through every season in style. It retains the line-set and sail of the Epic, but has a redesigned riser system to make powered flight ultra comfortable and fun. The EPIC MOTOR has a good speed range and efficient trimmer system for fast, safe flights. To free fly, simply pull in the trimmers and take to the air! The EPIC MOTOR is designed for intermediate pilots that also do free flying.



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