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Dudek Paragliders is a leading manufacturer of PPG and free flight paragliders and harnesses.
Welcome to DUDEK experience.

Universal Logo.JPG

Universal is the first free flying (EN B) paraglider which can be used for Paramotor of Free Flight use, conforming to the DGAC standard).
Universal is a great recreational paraglider. Beginners will surely appreciate exceptional comfort in uneasy thermals, resulting from considerable amount of reflex traits present in the design.

DUDEK Universal 1.1


Solo Logo.JPG


Solo is a beginner and intermediate reflex paraglider for single place fun/XC flying with a paramotor or a light trike. It's design allows for safe gathering experience at thermalling.
It is robust, stable and offers good lift.



DUDEK DriftAir

DriftAir, designed for Intermediate to Advanced pilots, who  prefer freestyle, dynamic PPG flying, slaloms, or just for people willing their cross-country to be fast and fun.



DUDEK Nucleon 4

Nucleon 4 derives directly from the first reflex constructions that appeared in the world – Traper, Action, then ReAction. This pedigree was continued in several incarnations of the Nucleon, up to the current – fourth generation.


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