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Flow Paragliders is an Australian paragliding company specialized in state-of-the-art paragliders and accessories. The design team specialists include a pedigree of world renowned mentorship and years of experience at other glider shops, including Bruce Goldsmith and SOL paragliders. With a full range of free flight and powered paramotor gliders, reserves, harnesses, and accessories.

Future PWR logo.png

FUTURE PWR is the perfect wing to learn on and progress, a one glider concept for school and beyond. It has excellent roll stability, collapse resistance and pitch stability, making it a glider with outstanding levels of passive safety.

FUTURE PWR is the ideal glider for progression, during and after flight school. Its compact plan shape and aspect ratio makes it an easy and safe glider to learn the art of flying. 

Cosmos PWR 2 Logo.png

FLOW COSMOS PWR 2 is a dedicated intermediate paramotor wing. A highly efficient and extremely stable, intermediated paramotor wing. It is a state-of-the-art “Efficient full reflex”, shark nose airfoil, tip steering, trimmers and speed bar.

Cosmos PWR 2 is a very efficient and fun glider to fly. Designed as a fully dedicated PPG glider that can also be used, for free-flight.

RPM 2 logo.png

A completely new design incorporating enhanced features from the previous version. RPM2 is a full-reflex XC wing offering incredible efficiency and stability at extreme configurations without compromising the fun factor and playful characteristics.

RPM 2 is one of the fastest PPGs in the market reaching speeds up to 80km/h. The RollerCam 2 trimmers are a new addition making the controls smoother and easier to operate.

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