Kangook paramotors are one of our best sellers.

Designed and manufactured with precision, and attention to detail, with a great aluminum structure, and excellent torque compensation.

Power2Fly are stylish, yet strong, light, and functional paramotors, that provide a pilot with great comfort and safety features.RS model is the most popular Power2Fly paramotor on the market. These paramotors come with different engines, Vittorazi, EOS, and Cors Air. Feel free to contact us and choose the engine, color, and the propeller.

Alpine Ti is our only full Titanium frame paramotor. With a strong structure, easiness of assembly, and great look. This is one of the most affordable full titanium frames on the market, that shows high level of craftsmanship and quality. The paramotor frame and the cage, come in two different colors, black and brushed titanium.